Growing Big.


Ugh. This was my morning 9 months ago. This sweet little piece of sugar all snuggled up next to me. Why must they grow? And so quickly!

Daddy, my sister’s growing so big! She growing big, but she’s still little.

She’s kinda wobbly.

That’s what Leah had to say on the matter. I heard her mutter those words to her dad and quickly wrote it down to save forever. She gets it. She gets it so well. Quinn is growing big… but she’s still little… and kinda wobbly.

This is the scary month. This is the month where I am knee deep in baby fever. Where my 9 month old is so stinking cute that I want a million more. Where it’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten most of the rough nights, and the ones I remember I brush off as no big deal. The month where I start throwing “feelers” out there to get Kyle’s opinion on the matter – only to have my hopes and dreams shattered. The month where he won’t let any kisses linger for fear that I’ll spontaneously get pregnant. And I know that deep down (deep deep deep deep down) I do want to wait; but my goodness. It’s hard.

But while I’m waiting for my womb to fill up with baby goodness once again, I will be thoroughly enjoying this little creature around me every day. There is no better baby on the planet that my Quinn bug, I can promise you that. This was a big one for her – she accomplished SO much during one little month. She’s a talking, babbling, social little fool! She loves when people talk to her; quite a socialite to say the least! This month (in no particular order) she learned how to clap, how to wave, how to climb stairs, how to cruise, how to pull up, how to do “soooo big,” and how to drive!

photo 3(4)

She’s got a bit of a lead foot.

photo 5(1)

And she gets some help with the oral hygiene. She really just likes chewing – so the toothbrush is just another fun thing to chew on. Lord knows she needs it, though, with 8 teeth. This was actually the first month in quite a while that she got no new teeth! She’s got some big, fat gums, however, so I know more will be joining us soon.

photo 1(2)

A moving Quinn is an in trouble Quinn. There’s a nice little grace period in the crawling business. For a while, they like to stay in the same room with you, they are content playing in their surroundings. Then one day they say to their little baby selves, “what’s around this corner?” Then, “what’s behind this door?” “What’s up these stairs?” And… game over. We are there. We are in the Quinnnnnn come back herrrrrrrre phase. And I love it and hate it. I love it because it does give her freedom to go about as she pleases. And I don’t have to constantly entertain her. But I also can’t let her roam free or she pulls nightlights out of walls, eats chalk, and empties canisters full of powdered sugar. Duncan is officially the easiest of the three – never thought I’d see that day.

photo 1(3)

A nine month old Quinn loves to eat. Loves food. Any of it. This is SO different from Leah, I’m not even sure what to do with her sometimes. I mean, do I cut her off at a certain point? Would she honestly eat until she puked? I don’t know – but I know she thoroughly enjoys her meals. Her favorite is corn on the cob! She could eat it by the ton – but I do stop her at one ere. She also loves spaghetti, oranges, blueberries, oatmeal, pb toast, pizza, and carrots. Kid can eat.

photo 2(3)

Quinn gave me a gift this month! The ability to drink coffee again! OMG. I tried it once when she was three weeks and, well, I had a WIRED three week old. They say some breastfed babies tolerate it, some do not. I had one that did not. So I vowed to never drink it again. Until one day a couple weeks ago. I got some serious courage. She’s not taking in nearly as much breastmilk these days, surely it wouldn’t be too brutal. And I decided if she was wired, I could handle it for one day and continue on with my non caffeinated self. But I didn’t need to! I noticed 0 change in her behavior – hallelujah! I don’t know how I made it 9 months with 3 of them and 0 caffeine! That deserves some kind of award. I’m such a better mom with a little jolt every morning. We are outside swinging at drinking coffee every morning at 7am if you’d ever like to join us. It’s rather peaceful.

She’s a growing girl, this Quinn. She’s just big. But still little. And wobbly. She used to give me her biggest and best smiles at this lion…

photo 5

Now I get them when she’s inside a hippo…

photo 2

Or stealing the remote…

photo 4(2)

Or playing with her favorite ball…

photo 3(1)

She’s just a little doll. And if Kyle won’t let us create a third angel baby, I guess I will settle for enjoying everything this one has to offer for a while longer. 🙂

photo 2(2)

Love you SO big, sweet girl. Happy 9!




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