The Girls Today.

First of all, before I get into today’s blog – can we just talk about how much you guys like to read about breastfeeding?? Turns out, a lot of you either shared my feelings on supporting moms who simply choose to feed their baby’s or you knew someone who needed to hear that they were doing a good job. I have a stat tracker, and normally I see that I have about 50 readers – that one had 516. And reached 6 countries! I’m not out for fame (and I was instantly worried about keeping my kiddos safe); but I love knowing that it was so well received because that means that there are mamas out there who need encouragement and I really hope it helped because I am passionate about that kind of thing.

But today we go back to normal. My little kiddos! My favorite topic.

My buggie is sick. Can you say a prayer for her? Like right now.

Just do it.

She starts school on Thursday, and I’d really like her to be in tip-top shape. It’s “just a cold” but she has the accompanying 100 degree fever and sluggish behavior. We were supposed to start practicing to get out the door on time, and I had plans of waking her and everything, but that plan went out the window. Thursday is gonna be a crap shoot.

photo 2(6)

This was her right AFTER her nap. God bless her little self. I hate it. So you, know – we’re dealing with that. But you know what else we’re dealing with, and it is way more fun…

photo 4(6) photo 1(6)

My kid can write! And she’s THREE. I don’t know what age they start writing, but I was absolutely blown away the other day when she got out her magnadoodle and started writing letters at my command. I mean, really?! She’s writing. I’m so stinking excited about it. Writing. That’s such a fun skill. I’m actually taken back by just how excited I am about it. I feel like i shouldn’t be this crazy about it, but I am. I love it. Just look at those goofy little letters she made to write her name and her sister’s name. How COOL is THAT. She’s WRITING.

photo 5(3)

One more, just for fun. What I have circled there in the middle is the word Hi… backwards. My favorite.

photo 1(5)

God bless. A three year old is a lot to handle. But she’s a pretty good one. Get better, sweetie!

Can we switch to the other little nut I have running crawling around here every day.

photo 5(2)

Quinn is maybe the goofiest little baby I’ve ever seen. She has so many personality quirks that just make me crazy about her. Quinn, you are my sunshine. Every single day. Walking in her room every morning at 6:15 (I make her talk to herself for 30 minutes, since she wakes up at 5:45 and I can’t handle that) instantly makes me smile. Because usually, she’s bottoms up. I guess she likes a little yoga to get her off and running.

photo 2(4)

She is into everything now. There’s not a cord that she hasn’t tried to eat, a toilet that she hasn’t touched the bottom of, or a piece of fuzz she hasn’t tried to eat. She is such a mama’s girl. The second I pick her up she sticks her thumb in her mouth and burrows into my neck, at least for a second. And I melt.

I had a moment today in the grocery store. I saw some Halloween candy, and you know what that means… Quinn will be ONE soon! I remember this time last year when I started seeing it, and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. And now, just like that, her first year is almost history. So bittersweet. What a delightful year it has been.


A year ago tomorrow we got to watch Quinn for 45 minutes on the big screen. I loved every second. She was such a doll as she hung out in my belly growing and swimming and hiccuping and swallowing and kicking and punching. She smiled and stretched and got mad at her umbilical cord. It was such a cool experience, and it catapulted me into a pure obsession with her. And for some reason, I just haven’t been able to kick it.

photo 1(4)

I guess it’s just that darling little face. She’s even better in color.

And Leah is growing up into such a smart little lady and I’m so happy every day that she’s mine.

photo 2(5)

(She does wear real clothes and have brushed hair sometimes.)

And there you have my girls on this very day. This is one of those that is kind of just for me to look back on. To read it down the road and remember how excited I was that Leah started to write. How anxious I was for school to start in a day. And how happy I was with my darling little Quinnmeister, being a little nut at 9 months old, and already getting emotional over her birthday.

They’re pretty great kids.



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