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Friday Funnies.

So I’m gonna try something.

I’m not usually good at consistency, but we’ll see.

I’ve got some funny people around me. The people I talk to every day say some really funny things, whether they know it or not. And I’ve started taking note. If you are a truly faithful blog follower, you will remember when I used to record some conversations between Kyle and I. I’ve tried to pick that back up again. Only now I have this awesome little three year old that I can also document. And anyone else who makes me laugh out loud with their words in a week – you’re gonna get a spot on my new tradition… Friday Funnies: A recap of a week full of laughing.


Kyle: Isn’t your mom scared of bridges?

Me: She’s scared of heights. I think she’d be fine with bridges if they were on the ground.

Kyle: Isn’t that a road.

You guys, he’s so wise.


Leah: This is my tote bag, mom. Can you say t-o-t-e- b-a-g-.

Me: Tote bag.

Leah: There ya go! Good job, mommy!

It’s a strange phenomenon hearing yourself through your kid’s voice.


Knowing that Leah’s favorite thing to do is getting water out of the dispenser on the fridge:

Me: Leah, would you like to get mommy some more water?

Leah: Who, me?

Me: Ya! Could you get me some water?

Leah: Sure! Then takes a few steps, stops, and turns around, Could you say please?




Non stop negotiating to get this suitcase. She almost broke me, but I won.

Leah: Okay, mommy. I’m gonna leave it riiiiiight herrrre and then it will be ready to take to the airport.

Like I said, I won. For the day. Wonder what the odds are that she has that suitcase when we leave?


My sister: She’s one of those supermoms who does crafts and takes her kids to the park.

(My sister is a closet funny person, she’ll probably be featured a lot).


Me: Leah, do you want eggs, oatmeal, or PBJ?

Leah: I don’t know, just make me somethin!

Attitude, check.


I come into the kitchen huffing and puffing and whining about the struggle of trying to get a three year old out the door.

Kyle: Are you okay?

Me: I’m just frustrated, Leah’s driving me nuts.

Kyle: Well that’s what kids do. They’re big pains-in-butts.



I had just given Duncan the “go to your bed command” while the girls and I ate breakfast.

Leah: Why does Dunkie have to go to his bed, mommy?

Me: Because Quinnie keeps feeding him.

Leah: Because Quinnie keeps beating him?


God love her. She can’t hear a darn thing.


Playing a game with Leah where she has to put the layers of a cupcake together. I start rushing her because she is dragggging.

Me: Leah, c’mon, put your cupcake together.

Leah: Allllright, why you fweakin out all da time?

Thankful for her father’s contribution to parenting. He coined the phrase “freaking out” whenever I’m on him to do something.


I don’t even know what was happening here, but she was watching TV and eating. Like this. For several minutes.


The end.

Hope you had a good week.

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And Here We Are.

And here we are.

Gosh, the nostalgia is killing me these days! I’d like to think I don’t even have time to sit and think about how fast it’s all gone, yet that’s what I find myself thinking in my spare time. The cooler weather. The Halloween candy. The fall candles. The pumpkins. Everything is reminding me of this time last year.

last year

This was one year and one day ago. She was a different kid. He’s about the same.


This is 4 days shy of an exact year ago. Man, she was heavy. But man, I loved that belly.

There was no Quinn. Well, there was, but she wasn’t as big or as loud as she is now. There were just three (four) of us. Kyle was a studying fool. I was a nesting fool. Leah and Duncan were a pair of nuts (ok, so some things haven’t changed). I remember this time last year thinking what life would look like this time next year.

And here we are.

I so vividly remember walking in the door from the hospital with a tiny Quinn and wanting to run back to the hospital as fast as I could.


I wanted to get out of that hospital and home to real life as fast as possible, and I talked everyone there into letting me leave early – but I immediately regretted all of that. It was terrifying even to take that picture. I remember the feeling of being overpowered. There might have only been two, but they seemed like an army of 300 to me. Quinn was so little, and so new, and would need so much. And Leah was so big, but still so little. She still needed so much out of me. And I had Kyle, and I even had my mom, but I was already thinking past them. The countdown until the day he went back to work started almost immediately for me. It was so scary.

I cried most days (and nights) that week. Yes, mostly hormones, I’m sure. But partly, a real fear of not being able to be enough for two of them during the days when Kyle worked. I remember breaking down during dinner one night, and telling him I just couldn’t do it. The transition from one to two is nothing to mess around with. They double, you guys! And you don’t double with them. As the days went on during that week he was home, I got a little more confidence. Mainly because Kyle was great and kept Leah happy and occupied, and he reassured me in his off time. I had tons of time to bond with Quinn and realize that she wasn’t as scary as I initially thought. That she was the new kid on the block, and that she would have to fit in with US. “That’s right, fall in line, kid” became my new motto of power. Or something to that affect.


And then he did it. He left us. For 8 whole hours! And it went quite well! I was so proud of all of us, really. I mean, myself the most, but Leah did okay, too. She was made to be a big sister, and that was the best part of that day. Realizing that she would be my friend in all of this, not my concern. The two of us together could tackle the little one – no biggie. As good as it went, however, it was still messy. I was crying when Kyle walked in the door – and I tried so hard not to be! I was bouncing and shhhing and crying – and Quinn was still screaming her silly little head off. Eight hours was a long time for one to be constantly in your arms, and one to constantly think she needs a snack. And oh yes, one to constantly want to go out – then come in – then go out – then eat toilet paper. And I’d say we did pretty good. Screaming included.

It only got easier from there. That little one, she started to blend in with us. She still screamed, but I just strapped her to me to shut her up.


With her like this I could play with playdoh, make cookies, rake leaves, push a swing, you name it. I tried so hard to give Leah a little bit of the life she was accustomed to not even two weeks prior. That was, and still is, the biggest hurdle. Figuring out how to give them both what they need – and be nice about it! Tricky.

It was like this that we made it through winter. Kyle and I would take turns bouncing/rocking/shhing Quinn so at least one of us could eat dinner with Leah. I would pass out on the couch at 6pm while he took both girls to the playroom for a bit. I’d wake up at 7, get Quinn ready for bed til 7:30, put her to sleep and then stare at the monitor just waiting to hear her scream 5 minutes after I laid her down. (Anyone else a slave to a baby monitor?! Man, it’s the worst just knowing what sound is gonna ring through).

But then she turned 4 months old. Well, at three months she turned a great corner – but we have been smooth sailing since 4 months.


She finally turned into the little doll I knew she could become! She slept through the night! She let me put her down awake and she would fall asleep! She was happy through dinner time! She was content scooting in her car! She could hold her head up! She ate less (well, more, but less often)! Just everything you want a baby to do, Quinn did.

And we have coasted into today. Back to where it all began, fall.


And this is what I deal with.

We haven’t even had a first Halloween with her yet – which blows my mind. She missed it by 8 hours and 19 minutes. It just seems like she’s been here forever. As much as I remember about this time last year, it’s hard to realize that she wasn’t actually here yet. I have two distinct memories about Quinn. One is walking circles in her room late at night as she slept peacefully in my arms. It was snowing. I had the blinds open so I could watch the snow glisten in the streetlights as it covered the quiet street. Just holding my new baby girl, soaking up everything that she was. The verse we have on her wall, “For the Lord has done this and it (she) is Marvelous in our eyes,” was never truer to me than in that moment.


And the other is stomping my foot so hard I thought I broke it (and Kyle thought I broke the floor), because I was SO frustrated and SO exhausted and I just wanted her to sleep. Not quite as perfect a memory, but just as true. They both feel like they were 10 years ago, and I have to remember that they weren’t even 10 months ago.

That’s how fast it all goes.

My this time next year turned into this time last year in the blink of an eye.

And here we are.

Safely on the other side.

photo 2(2)

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I Never Wanted a Princess.

Did you hear? The most important decision of 2014 has been made.

Leah will be Cinderella in Disney World.

This one was a doosy of a choice. So much back and forth between the star princesses. Pretty much every day since we planned this trip she has told me which princess she is going to be while we’re there – and every day it was a different choice. Sometimes Ariel. Sometimes Snow White. Tianna was in there a few times. Rapunzel and Cinderella were always strong contenders. Lately, however, Sleeping Beauty made a push for the top spot. I wasn’t really sure which way it would go – although I always kind of hoped she would land on Cinderella – blonde hair, blue eyes, she was kind of made for a sparkly blue dress.

photo 1(9)

She didn’t actually get this bag, but I think she thinks she did – which is going to be very tricky when we start packing…

This princess thing was a whole new ballgame for me. I used to say I never wanted a princess. I didn’t want the drama and the diva that I thought princess could become. I thought like the articles I read – that princesses were weak and needed a man’s help and yada yada – you’ve all seen those blogs, I’m sure. Princesses cripple the strength of a woman. Or something.

But then we planned a trip to Disney World. And we basically forced Leah to start watching Disney movies – even the princess movies. I wanted her to at least know some of the characters there besides Winnie the Pooh. And the princess thing took off. With no help from us, besides pushing play on the remote, Leah has discovered these girls and really started to love them.

photo 5(11)

Darn the Target check-out line for having the princess in plain view!

And do you know what?

She’s not turning into some glamorous diva. She has not become frail and weak. She still plays baseball daily and actually asked me to get her a hockey jersey from the store. I really can’t forsee any repercussions of watching these movies in the future, despite the reading that tells me otherwise. And actually, rewatching these movies (and watching some for the first time) has taught me a few things. These princesses are very kind people. Belle, my favorite, grew to love the beast in spite of his scary looks. Anna, fought like crazy for her sister. Cinderella, was kind even when she wasn’t treated kind. At least I hope these are the messages Leah is picking up. Or will someday pick up. For now, though, I kind of think she is just watching and seeing the beauty and sparkle.

And I think that’s okay, too.

Because she’s three.

And part of being three is dressing up and pretending that you can be whoever you want to be. And part of the magic of raising a three year old little girl is watching her glow when she puts on a pretty costume. To fawn over her as she twirls round and round the living room floor. To not get too wrapped up in the articles that ensure she will become a fragile, needy little girl who sits around and waits for a man to save her, but to embrace this darling little princess game for this season, because I don’t think it will be with us forever.

photo 2(10)

The best part of all of this happened when she put on her costume after we got home from getting it and she skipped right past me and ran straight to her dad who was in the other room. She wanted his opinion first and foremost, and made that abundantly clear. She stood in front of him with arms out to the sides and waited for his response, which of course, was, “Oh, honey! You’re so beautiful!” Just as it should’ve been. She might not always wear Cinderella’s dress, but she’s always going to be a princess to a certain guy in this family. 🙂

photo 3(10)

She also told us, “I’m gonna show Cindawella my pretty dress! She’s my gweat girl.” Which pretty much made me melt. And then she told me she needed Cindawella shoes for her dress. And then she told me she wanted to be Sweeping Beauty. It’s been a trip already and we haven’t even left!

I’m glad you don’t always get your way in life. Because then I wouldn’t have my princess.

photo 4(10)

Or my fairy.


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Man, I am guilt ridden that I have told you nothing about Quinn lately! I mean, you can probably see most of what you need to via facebook, but if you only read the blog then you probably feel very left out. The fact of the matter is, Quinn is growing and changing by leaps and bounds and I can’t keep up with her! And I kind of don’t want to. It’s wonderful, but also killing me to watch her become her own little person – by the second! I just want to shove her in my pocket and keep her there forever. I’m so grateful that she is thriving, and growing, and developing mounds of personality – but my goodness – she will be ONE soon and that is just too much for my heart to handle. We (her dad, I kept putting it off) lowered her bed a while ago, and I almost lost it when I saw it. The first year of the second child goes infinitely faster than the first kid, and I’m just left wondering if I’ve done everything possible to give her a wonderful start to life.

So, because I’ve been so horrible at writing about her lately – this is gonna be an outline of everything that you should know about Quinn at 10 and a half months.

She climbs.

photo 3(8) photo 1(6) photo

(Which is probably why this blog is so behind).

She is happiest in the morning.

photo 4(7)

She has been cited more than once for driving while sucking a thumb.

photo 2(7)

She loves this bunny despite me trying to get her not to.

photo 1(7)

She loves her big sister.

photo 2(8)

She hides her toys under the couches.

photo 4(8)

She is still very much my Koala Bear.

photo 3(7)

She is crazy about her brothers water bowls. (And I’m crazy about her in jeans).

photo 3(6)

She has been locked out of the staircase.

photo 4(6)

Eating makes her an absolute nutcase.

photo 1(8) photo 5(9)

She has a best friend in the tub.


She loves the blanket/thumb combo.

photo 5(8)

School pick up line is her favorite activity.

photo 5(7)

Bathtime ends her day on a great note.

photo 2(6)

She loves a hooded vest.

photo 4(9)

And, oh yes, she’s becoming quite proficient at being on two feet.

photo 2(9) photo 5(10)

God help me.

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Sisters are for Real.

I feel like I should preface this one by saying something to the effect of, “I’m writing on personal experience, please take no offense. I’m sure if you have a brother he’s lovely. I’m sure if you have only boys, they are delightful. I’m sure if you have a boy and a girl that they are darling together. I’m sure if you have two boys and a girl that they are a perfect trio.” But I have none of those those things (and by things, I mean people). I am one in a pair of sisters. I have three nieces. I have given birth to two girls.

photo 3(4)

I know girls.

I know sisters.

And sisters are for real.

photo 2(7)

I told Kyle long before the baby making game, that should we ever have a girl – we would have babies until she got a sister. I had a sister growing up (she’s still alive, actually), and I treasure her now more than I ever have. Actually, growing up, I didn’t know that I treasured her at all (most days I swore I didn’t), but I did. I did because I spied on her. I did because I raided her closet. I did because I kept her secrets from mom and dad. I did because I wanted her friends to be my friends. I did because, whether I would ever admit it or not, everything she did or touched was golden to me. Maybe that’s just how the bigger siblings operate, but as we’ve gone through more and more life together, I know now more than ever how special sisters are.

Maybe I know now how special sisters are not because I’m living it, but because I’m watching it. Thanks to two pregnancies resulting in two pink little packages, I get to watch this sister game unfold before my very eyes – and you guys – it’s a sight to behold. Leah is the ultimate big sister.

photo 2(6)

photo 5(3)

I like to think that Kyle and I had some sort of hand in preparing Leah for sisterhood. That somehow we have done all the right things and said all the right things to prepare her to love and care for Quinn. But I know that we have had very little to do with that. God knitted her tiny little heart with so much love and compassion that we would have had to try really really hard to fail at this. Leah has loved Quinn from the second she knew there was a baby in my belly, through no effort of ours. We cannot force the relationship that they have. When Quinn cried the other day, Leah’s response was, “maybe she needs me to kiss her head, mama.” I mean, she can’t be serious. I thought my sister only started liking me when I stopped annoying her at every turn (around 18). Turns out, it probably started much sooner than I ever knew.

photo 2(8)

I’m the little sister. And I love to watch Quinn behave as the little sister. Glorifying everything Leah does with a smile as wide as the world. To me, Leah can be so annoying sometimes! She makes weird sounds, and says weird things, and just acts like a weirdo most of the time – but then I watch Quinn watch her – and she sees nothing weird at all. She sees who she wants to be someday, whether she knows it yet or not. She looks at Leah with such a glisten in her eye – already! She follows her around like it’s her job. I get to see her take on this role of little sister and I know what she’s feeling.

Because sisters are for real.

photo 1(8)

photo 4(4)

Leah wipes her nose, she brings me diapers, she picks her clothes, she kisses her boo-boos, she feeds her, brushes her teeth, washes her, plays with her, tickles her, talks to her, reads to her, sings to her, makes her laugh, and entertains her for the better part of every single day. Somedays, what I can’t seem to give a fussy Quinn, Leah can. She worries about her when she goes to the doctor, and misses her while she’s at school. They have tea parties and dance parties.They can fill a day, these two. And I’m not saying we don’t have the, “Quinn, I was playing with that!” Because, Lord knows we do, but we have so much of the other side of it that it drowns out the negative.

photo 1(6)

photo 4(3)

But the ultimate sister moment: Leah and Quinn were playing in the dining room, Leah was rambling to her about God knows what. All of a sudden I hear,

“what do you wanna talk about Quinnie? Jesus? Jesus loves us.”

You could have mopped the floor with the puddle of mush I became in that moment. Leah is going to teach her all kinds of good (and some bad) – but at three years old to teach her that Jesus loves her. My goodness. Maybe the most important thing I’ll ever want either of them to know. And there will be times maybe Quinn doesn’t believe that. And there will be times maybe Quinn won’t believe me when I say it. But if her big sister says it – well – we know how that goes. God bless the heart of a child.

And a sister.

photo 5(5)

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Fall Means.

Did you notice the difference?

Thought I’d spruce up the page a bit. And get my Quinn bug in the main picture! Poor thing, 10 months and I finally added her. But that’s neither here nor there. Hope you enjoy the new look, if not, well, sorrynotsorry. 

On to bigger and better news. It’s been a while, no? Anyone else freaking out that it’s fall – kinda. September! Already! Bring on the cooler weather, long sleeves, and pumpkin spice candles! September in Missouri is tricky. September just kind of sounds like it’s gonna be cool – but then the weather man tells me it will be 96 on Thursday – and my happy balloon gets deflated. Kyle yells at me because I don’t stay happy in one season very long. I so look forward to winter, and then I’m over it by January. I love Spring until April and then I need heat. I love heat until July 4th and then I need cool mornings. But, I think in my defense, I do seem to stay happy all of fall. I love all things pumpkin, apple picking, all things cool-not-cold, cozy nights with a blanket, windows open, crockpot meals, and post season baseball. So I will endure a crazy September of 96 Thursday and 76 Saturday – and be chomping at the bit to put out all of my orange and yellow decor! Eeek. Hopefully cool wins out in the next couple of weeks!

Fall has given me a pretty big reason to get excited this year (and all future years).


Look at her! Just look at her. God’s gift to me… for I don’t know what. This stinking cute little one dimpled child is going to be ONE this fall. As in, two months! I have fond memories of this time last year being as big as a house, but so excited to meet her. Knowing I was getting close. Feeling her hiccups 78 times a day. Waking up for at least three hours every night. Fixing her room just so. And now, here I am, planning a Mickey first birthday, dreaming of first steps, hearing first words, watching her turn from baby to toddler a little more every day. Eeeeek, Quinn. November is going to be a good time.


I’ve slapped a sticker on a white onsie from 1 month on, and this is all I’ve got left. Talk about feeling real.

Fall also means that Kyle and I have been together for 9 stinking years. NINE. Too long? Perhaps. But I’ll probably stick it out a few more. What was life like in October 2005? Easy. 🙂


Fall means that Duncan has allergies out the wazoo. God bless this dog. He’s got goopy eyes, and scratchy skin, and he licks his feet constantly! Or he did – until we spent $90 on his allergy shot last Thursday. I mean really.

photo 1

But this happened this morning, and he didn’t complain – so I guess we owe it to him to keep him comfortable. But again, an allergy shot for our dog. (PS, labs are apparently the worst for allergies… yaaaay).

And finally, fall means my buggie is in school. Or, still in school.


If she’s not the most darling little Lutheran at that school…

I am so happy to report that we haven’t even been close to late! Hooray! We actually get there early enough every day that she can have a few minutes to play the life sized xylophone, her favorite. And she’s always clean and fed! Two points to this mama. Today when she got home I caught her singing, “This is the Day (that the Lord has made)” her “school song.” She knew every word! So sweet to hear her singing to herself. She is always excited when it’s a school day, and loves to show me her bag of projects and papers at the end of every day.


Saying goodbye to this monster every morning takes the longest. Here she said, “It’s okay, Dunkie, I’ll be back soon. You can wait for me if you want.” God bless.

And then when she returns, there’s a reunion of great joy between sisters.

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)

She’s only gone three hours, but Quinnie knows it. And we are all very excited to be reunited again!

However, if I’m being honest – most days I wish she was going all 5 days. Is that a bad mom thing to say? For one, she asks me every day if it’s a school day. She loves it. So I know she would be up for it. But beyond that, it’s so nice to be able to have some time to get things done! Today I folded laundry, and put away dishes in complete peace. No one was crying or trying to kill themselves. And I like having Quinn to myself for a bit. She naps for most of it, but we have time to run a few errands or just play on the floor. I feel like I’ve missed out on that with her.


Do you know how easy it is to shop with ONE child?! Man.

The best part of school is the pick up line…


Quinnie and I love to wait for Leah! We’re always early, so she gets to get out of her seat and hang with me for a bit.

photo 2

Today we had driving 101.


And this one’s just a bonus – but check out the head of the preschool department – and her umbrella. That’s why Leah goes there. I need people around her that don’t take themselves too seriously. 🙂

That should about do it.

I’ll just be sitting here waiting for fall.

And by “sitting here” I mean… trying to keep Quinn out of the AC vents.






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