Fall Means.

Did you notice the difference?

Thought I’d spruce up the page a bit. And get my Quinn bug in the main picture! Poor thing, 10 months and I finally added her. But that’s neither here nor there. Hope you enjoy the new look, if not, well, sorrynotsorry. 

On to bigger and better news. It’s been a while, no? Anyone else freaking out that it’s fall – kinda. September! Already! Bring on the cooler weather, long sleeves, and pumpkin spice candles! September in Missouri is tricky. September just kind of sounds like it’s gonna be cool – but then the weather man tells me it will be 96 on Thursday – and my happy balloon gets deflated. Kyle yells at me because I don’t stay happy in one season very long. I so look forward to winter, and then I’m over it by January. I love Spring until April and then I need heat. I love heat until July 4th and then I need cool mornings. But, I think in my defense, I do seem to stay happy all of fall. I love all things pumpkin, apple picking, all things cool-not-cold, cozy nights with a blanket, windows open, crockpot meals, and post season baseball. So I will endure a crazy September of 96 Thursday and 76 Saturday – and be chomping at the bit to put out all of my orange and yellow decor! Eeek. Hopefully cool wins out in the next couple of weeks!

Fall has given me a pretty big reason to get excited this year (and all future years).


Look at her! Just look at her. God’s gift to me… for I don’t know what. This stinking cute little one dimpled child is going to be ONE this fall. As in, two months! I have fond memories of this time last year being as big as a house, but so excited to meet her. Knowing I was getting close. Feeling her hiccups 78 times a day. Waking up for at least three hours every night. Fixing her room just so. And now, here I am, planning a Mickey first birthday, dreaming of first steps, hearing first words, watching her turn from baby to toddler a little more every day. Eeeeek, Quinn. November is going to be a good time.


I’ve slapped a sticker on a white onsie from 1 month on, and this is all I’ve got left. Talk about feeling real.

Fall also means that Kyle and I have been together for 9 stinking years. NINE. Too long? Perhaps. But I’ll probably stick it out a few more. What was life like in October 2005? Easy. 🙂


Fall means that Duncan has allergies out the wazoo. God bless this dog. He’s got goopy eyes, and scratchy skin, and he licks his feet constantly! Or he did – until we spent $90 on his allergy shot last Thursday. I mean really.

photo 1

But this happened this morning, and he didn’t complain – so I guess we owe it to him to keep him comfortable. But again, an allergy shot for our dog. (PS, labs are apparently the worst for allergies… yaaaay).

And finally, fall means my buggie is in school. Or, still in school.


If she’s not the most darling little Lutheran at that school…

I am so happy to report that we haven’t even been close to late! Hooray! We actually get there early enough every day that she can have a few minutes to play the life sized xylophone, her favorite. And she’s always clean and fed! Two points to this mama. Today when she got home I caught her singing, “This is the Day (that the Lord has made)” her “school song.” She knew every word! So sweet to hear her singing to herself. She is always excited when it’s a school day, and loves to show me her bag of projects and papers at the end of every day.


Saying goodbye to this monster every morning takes the longest. Here she said, “It’s okay, Dunkie, I’ll be back soon. You can wait for me if you want.” God bless.

And then when she returns, there’s a reunion of great joy between sisters.

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)

She’s only gone three hours, but Quinnie knows it. And we are all very excited to be reunited again!

However, if I’m being honest – most days I wish she was going all 5 days. Is that a bad mom thing to say? For one, she asks me every day if it’s a school day. She loves it. So I know she would be up for it. But beyond that, it’s so nice to be able to have some time to get things done! Today I folded laundry, and put away dishes in complete peace. No one was crying or trying to kill themselves. And I like having Quinn to myself for a bit. She naps for most of it, but we have time to run a few errands or just play on the floor. I feel like I’ve missed out on that with her.


Do you know how easy it is to shop with ONE child?! Man.

The best part of school is the pick up line…


Quinnie and I love to wait for Leah! We’re always early, so she gets to get out of her seat and hang with me for a bit.

photo 2

Today we had driving 101.


And this one’s just a bonus – but check out the head of the preschool department – and her umbrella. That’s why Leah goes there. I need people around her that don’t take themselves too seriously. 🙂

That should about do it.

I’ll just be sitting here waiting for fall.

And by “sitting here” I mean… trying to keep Quinn out of the AC vents.






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