Man, I am guilt ridden that I have told you nothing about Quinn lately! I mean, you can probably see most of what you need to via facebook, but if you only read the blog then you probably feel very left out. The fact of the matter is, Quinn is growing and changing by leaps and bounds and I can’t keep up with her! And I kind of don’t want to. It’s wonderful, but also killing me to watch her become her own little person – by the second! I just want to shove her in my pocket and keep her there forever. I’m so grateful that she is thriving, and growing, and developing mounds of personality – but my goodness – she will be ONE soon and that is just too much for my heart to handle. We (her dad, I kept putting it off) lowered her bed a while ago, and I almost lost it when I saw it. The first year of the second child goes infinitely faster than the first kid, and I’m just left wondering if I’ve done everything possible to give her a wonderful start to life.

So, because I’ve been so horrible at writing about her lately – this is gonna be an outline of everything that you should know about Quinn at 10 and a half months.

She climbs.

photo 3(8) photo 1(6) photo

(Which is probably why this blog is so behind).

She is happiest in the morning.

photo 4(7)

She has been cited more than once for driving while sucking a thumb.

photo 2(7)

She loves this bunny despite me trying to get her not to.

photo 1(7)

She loves her big sister.

photo 2(8)

She hides her toys under the couches.

photo 4(8)

She is still very much my Koala Bear.

photo 3(7)

She is crazy about her brothers water bowls. (And I’m crazy about her in jeans).

photo 3(6)

She has been locked out of the staircase.

photo 4(6)

Eating makes her an absolute nutcase.

photo 1(8) photo 5(9)

She has a best friend in the tub.


She loves the blanket/thumb combo.

photo 5(8)

School pick up line is her favorite activity.

photo 5(7)

Bathtime ends her day on a great note.

photo 2(6)

She loves a hooded vest.

photo 4(9)

And, oh yes, she’s becoming quite proficient at being on two feet.

photo 2(9) photo 5(10)

God help me.


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