I Never Wanted a Princess.

Did you hear? The most important decision of 2014 has been made.

Leah will be Cinderella in Disney World.

This one was a doosy of a choice. So much back and forth between the star princesses. Pretty much every day since we planned this trip she has told me which princess she is going to be while we’re there – and every day it was a different choice. Sometimes Ariel. Sometimes Snow White. Tianna was in there a few times. Rapunzel and Cinderella were always strong contenders. Lately, however, Sleeping Beauty made a push for the top spot. I wasn’t really sure which way it would go – although I always kind of hoped she would land on Cinderella – blonde hair, blue eyes, she was kind of made for a sparkly blue dress.

photo 1(9)

She didn’t actually get this bag, but I think she thinks she did – which is going to be very tricky when we start packing…

This princess thing was a whole new ballgame for me. I used to say I never wanted a princess. I didn’t want the drama and the diva that I thought princess could become. I thought like the articles I read – that princesses were weak and needed a man’s help and yada yada – you’ve all seen those blogs, I’m sure. Princesses cripple the strength of a woman. Or something.

But then we planned a trip to Disney World. And we basically forced Leah to start watching Disney movies – even the princess movies. I wanted her to at least know some of the characters there besides Winnie the Pooh. And the princess thing took off. With no help from us, besides pushing play on the remote, Leah has discovered these girls and really started to love them.

photo 5(11)

Darn the Target check-out line for having the princess in plain view!

And do you know what?

She’s not turning into some glamorous diva. She has not become frail and weak. She still plays baseball daily and actually asked me to get her a hockey jersey from the store. I really can’t forsee any repercussions of watching these movies in the future, despite the reading that tells me otherwise. And actually, rewatching these movies (and watching some for the first time) has taught me a few things. These princesses are very kind people. Belle, my favorite, grew to love the beast in spite of his scary looks. Anna, fought like crazy for her sister. Cinderella, was kind even when she wasn’t treated kind. At least I hope these are the messages Leah is picking up. Or will someday pick up. For now, though, I kind of think she is just watching and seeing the beauty and sparkle.

And I think that’s okay, too.

Because she’s three.

And part of being three is dressing up and pretending that you can be whoever you want to be. And part of the magic of raising a three year old little girl is watching her glow when she puts on a pretty costume. To fawn over her as she twirls round and round the living room floor. To not get too wrapped up in the articles that ensure she will become a fragile, needy little girl who sits around and waits for a man to save her, but to embrace this darling little princess game for this season, because I don’t think it will be with us forever.

photo 2(10)

The best part of all of this happened when she put on her costume after we got home from getting it and she skipped right past me and ran straight to her dad who was in the other room. She wanted his opinion first and foremost, and made that abundantly clear. She stood in front of him with arms out to the sides and waited for his response, which of course, was, “Oh, honey! You’re so beautiful!” Just as it should’ve been. She might not always wear Cinderella’s dress, but she’s always going to be a princess to a certain guy in this family. 🙂

photo 3(10)

She also told us, “I’m gonna show Cindawella my pretty dress! She’s my gweat girl.” Which pretty much made me melt. And then she told me she needed Cindawella shoes for her dress. And then she told me she wanted to be Sweeping Beauty. It’s been a trip already and we haven’t even left!

I’m glad you don’t always get your way in life. Because then I wouldn’t have my princess.

photo 4(10)

Or my fairy.



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