Friday Funnies.

So I’m gonna try something.

I’m not usually good at consistency, but we’ll see.

I’ve got some funny people around me. The people I talk to every day say some really funny things, whether they know it or not. And I’ve started taking note. If you are a truly faithful blog follower, you will remember when I used to record some conversations between Kyle and I. I’ve tried to pick that back up again. Only now I have this awesome little three year old that I can also document. And anyone else who makes me laugh out loud with their words in a week – you’re gonna get a spot on my new tradition… Friday Funnies: A recap of a week full of laughing.


Kyle: Isn’t your mom scared of bridges?

Me: She’s scared of heights. I think she’d be fine with bridges if they were on the ground.

Kyle: Isn’t that a road.

You guys, he’s so wise.


Leah: This is my tote bag, mom. Can you say t-o-t-e- b-a-g-.

Me: Tote bag.

Leah: There ya go! Good job, mommy!

It’s a strange phenomenon hearing yourself through your kid’s voice.


Knowing that Leah’s favorite thing to do is getting water out of the dispenser on the fridge:

Me: Leah, would you like to get mommy some more water?

Leah: Who, me?

Me: Ya! Could you get me some water?

Leah: Sure! Then takes a few steps, stops, and turns around, Could you say please?




Non stop negotiating to get this suitcase. She almost broke me, but I won.

Leah: Okay, mommy. I’m gonna leave it riiiiiight herrrre and then it will be ready to take to the airport.

Like I said, I won. For the day. Wonder what the odds are that she has that suitcase when we leave?


My sister: She’s one of those supermoms who does crafts and takes her kids to the park.

(My sister is a closet funny person, she’ll probably be featured a lot).


Me: Leah, do you want eggs, oatmeal, or PBJ?

Leah: I don’t know, just make me somethin!

Attitude, check.


I come into the kitchen huffing and puffing and whining about the struggle of trying to get a three year old out the door.

Kyle: Are you okay?

Me: I’m just frustrated, Leah’s driving me nuts.

Kyle: Well that’s what kids do. They’re big pains-in-butts.



I had just given Duncan the “go to your bed command” while the girls and I ate breakfast.

Leah: Why does Dunkie have to go to his bed, mommy?

Me: Because Quinnie keeps feeding him.

Leah: Because Quinnie keeps beating him?


God love her. She can’t hear a darn thing.


Playing a game with Leah where she has to put the layers of a cupcake together. I start rushing her because she is dragggging.

Me: Leah, c’mon, put your cupcake together.

Leah: Allllright, why you fweakin out all da time?

Thankful for her father’s contribution to parenting. He coined the phrase “freaking out” whenever I’m on him to do something.


I don’t even know what was happening here, but she was watching TV and eating. Like this. For several minutes.


The end.

Hope you had a good week.


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