Friday Funnies 3.0

Leah: Look, Mommy! I’m swinging and Quinnie’s swinging and no one’s fweakin out!

You guys. I love the days when no one freaks out.


My sister: You know that cherry pie filling I have in my pantry?

Yes! I often think of the cherry pie filling in your pantry.

(Actually, it turns out, I had no idea what she was talking about. Guess I should pay more attention when she tells me about the contents of her pantry).


Leah: Can I have some orange juice?

Me: No, you had orange juice with your breakfast. We can have water now.

Leah: But I really want orange juice.

Me: I know, but you already had it today. You can have water.

Leah: Mommy, orange juice is kinda like water.

I looked it up to be sure, but turns out it actually isn’t anything like water.

No one can match the cleverness of my 3 year old.


Talking to my mom on the phone.

My mom: What are you doing?

Me: Driving to Kohls, I’ve gotta return something.

My mom: I know! You sound horrible!

Me: Wait, what. What? No. Mom. I said I’m going to Kohls.

My mom: Oh! I thought you said you had a bad cold.

Me: No, I’m fine. But thanks for saying I sound horrible…

The elderly are just too much to handle sometimes.


Random dad in Target.

Random dad: Okay, Lilly, now we get to get the fun stuff!

Lilly: Like what, daddy?!

Random dad: Detergent and razors.

If I know anything about kids, it’s that nothing gets them more excited than detergent and razors.


Leah: Daddy, who had a dream?

Kyle: Martin Luther King?

Leah: Rapunzel! Rapunzel had a dream!

So close, Kyle.


Leah: Mommy, wanna make some lemonade? (Pretend, in her pretend kitchen).

Me: Sure, we can do that.

Leah: Okay, you just do it by yourself.



Leah gets her jammies on and runs into the bathroom to show her dad. I hear from the other room…

Kyle: Laughter. Man, those just get better every time I see them.


It’s true. They really do.


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