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Friday Funnies 4.0

Is this 4.0? Or 3.0? I can’t even remember.

What a crazy couple of weeks for the Proebstings! I have SO many things to tell you, and I am SO far behind, and I am SO tired. But first things first, Friday Funnies. Because it’s Friday. And they are easy.


So Quinnie gets a little car/plane for her birthday. (OMG, I haven’t even written about her birthday yet!) and as she’s opening it, Leah says in the most straigh-faced, concerned manner,

“Mommy, is she gonna fly?”

God bless her.


Listening to Disney songs on Pandora (because, Duh). The Circle of Life comes on.

Kyle: Leah do you know who sings this?

Leah: Who?

Kyle: His name is Elton John.

Leah: And is he a lion?




I love this funny, funny baby.


Reminding my mom and sister of a very important date.


I love my mom. So. so. much.

And she loves the Holidays.

And I’m really good at emoticons. 🙂


At Kyle’s parents house, and their phone rings.

Leah: Who is that?

Kyle’s mom: I’m not sure.

Leah: Maybe it’s Santa or sumpin.



There weren’t too many, we’ve been too busy to talk to each other. But it feels good just to get back on my blog. Hopefully this will inspire all the other writing I need to do.

Have a great weekend.


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