Monday Friday Funnies.

I’m a terrible blogger.

But you’ll excuse me, we haven’t stopped since October 26th.

And the time we did stop it was for the flu.

Sooooo. Allow for the day change to get a little Monday laugh in your life.


Duncan eating his allergy ridden feet.

Me: Duncan, stop it! (It really is obnoxious).

Kyle: (Also allergy ridden on this particular day). You can’t blame him. I’d eat my feet if it would stop my nose from running.

Does that imagery not make you laugh as well?


Planning for my oh, so special house guest.

Me: Man, I gotta think of what to cook for my grandma!

Kyle: Why?

Me: Cause she eats like a bird. She’s so healthy. I don’t want to screw her up.

Kyle: Get her some bird food.


If you and I are friends on facebook, you know that Leah has a word that we (still) cannot figure out.

Leah: Dat wooks wike a wockasof (that is the best interpretation I can give).

Me and Kyle in unison: A what?!

Leah: A wockasof.

Me and Kyle: A rocket soft?

Leah: No, a wockasof.

Me and Kyle: A rock star?

Leah: A wockasof!

Me and Kyle: A rock scarf?

Leah: A wockasof.

This went on for literally 15 minutes or more.

Leah: Wet’s just stop talkin’ about it.

Ha. Poor babe.


Kyle got a package in the mail, and Leah couldn’t wait to give it to him when he got home.

Leah: Oh, wook daddy, you got sumpin in da mail!

Kyle: What?

Me: Mouthing, you got a package, she wants to show you be excited, to not ruin the experience of her telling him herself.

Kyle: What?

Me: Frustrated by him ruining the fun of her surprise… SHE’S REALLY EXCITED ABOUT YOUR PACKAGE!

Kyle: Well that’s weird.

You guys. I had no idea. Leave it to him to make it R rated.


My friend Vicki and I discussing the flu invading our house.

Me: I feel like I have it, but my body and the tamiflu is fighting it well for me.

Vicki: I feel like moms get sick, but somehow our bodies hide it. Like they know the world would explode if we took a break.

Ain’t that the truth.


Talking about what we “want to be when we grow up” at the dinner table.

Kyle: You could be an actuary.

Leah: What’s an actuary? (Poor kid).

Kyle: Babbles something no one listens to 🙂

Leah: Mommy, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

Me: I don’t know, maybe I could be your mommy or something?

Leah: Ehhhh, you can be sumpin else if you want.

Me: Oh.

Nice to know she appreciates the care she receives around here.


Along the same growing up lines – she is very interested in that these days.

Leah: Mommy! I can be anyfing I wanna be someday!

Me: You sure can! What would you like to be?

Leah: Maybe I could be a chef or a driver or sumpin!

A servants heart, what can I say.


We saw some puppies once at a Petsmart adoption event.

Leah: Mommy, do you member when we saw all dose puppies!

Me: Yup I do, they were so cute! Would you like to have one of those puppies someday?

Leah: I just want allllllll a dem!

Me: Well, how about just one to start?

Leah: No, I said I wanted 100 puppies! (It’s true, she did).

Me: Ook, well what would you name 100 puppies?

Leah: Uhhh, Juney and whitey and blackey and whitey and brownie and whitey and chocolatey and punundoh and blueie and whitey.

Ok, so whitey. Got it.


Someday I’ll write a real blog again, but today is not that day.

Have a good Monday!


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