4 Under 4.

God bless these kids of mine.

They’re exhausting, but they’re pretty cute. At least I happen to think so. Lord knows I take enough pictures of them. I think they’ve all realized by now that if I have my phone pointed in their direction, they better be smiling. At least most of the time. I also like the candid shots of them doing what they do, however hilarious or sweet or messy it might be. I really like to look back on the pictures and try really hard to remember that moment in time. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes I have no idea why I thought I needed a picture of whatever it was, but I never regret having taken it. Because as corny and overused as the saying is, they really do grow so fast.

Today was not a candid day. Today was a, “you do as you’re told, listen to your mother, sit in a line, and smile.” I didn’t want to hear another word about it. This puppy season with Samson is so fleeting, I can already tell. I’ve got Leah on the brink of kidhood, Quinnie entering toddlerhood at an astonishing rate, and Duncan looking more big and mature than I ever wanted him to. They are growing and if I don’t force a picture of it now, I’m going to regret it. These are the days I want to look back on. When they are little and chaotic and fabulous. I love them all so much right now, for all kinds of different reasons.

But the four of them, you know, never make anything easy. They are 4 under 4 afterall. Life is a whirlwind, and nothing ever goes as planned. So we tried and tried and tried again, until I released them all to go about their business. And as they did, I looked back at the faces I caught and laughed.

And laughed.

You’ve got the one where three of them look and smile… but the fourth is MIA.


You invite the fourth back, and he and the first close their eyes…


Numbers 1 and 4 look and smile, numbers 2 and 3 refuse…


Then absolutely nobody cooperates…


Then number 3 looks drugged…


Then number 4 looks drugged and number 2 doesn’t look at all…


Then number 2 tries to bite number 3’s ear off…


Then number 3 finally gets in the spirit, but nobody joins her…


Then we get both humans on board, but the animals say no…


Then the babies decide to behave properly, but the big kids refuse…


Then, finally, I can see 98% of their faces and we call it a day.


(Would it have KILLED you to look at the camera, DUNCAN??).

And now we will go about the usual. But I have documented Winter 2015, when Leah was 3 and a half, Samson was 13 weeks, Quinn was 14 months, and Duncan was 2 and a half, so I can rest easy… until I find this blog in a year and freak out at how little they all were, and I’ll make them do it all over again.  🙂


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